You were our little friend,

Filling our home with mirth.

Gave us smiles till the end,

Hope you enjoyed your time on earth.


Always yapping and barking,

Up and down the terrace.

Once inside,

Sitting down and demanding attention,

Gave us no option but to caress.


You had a great mane,

Proud like a king.

Laying down and becoming meek,

Anytime you did a bad thing.


I will miss you my friend,

You were immensely kind..

Hope you had a good life,

You certainly made ours better than fine.

I still remember the day I first held you. You were the size of a coffee mug, but managed to fill our hearts to the brim. Those first months when we fed you using a baby nursing bottle and watching you do what puppies do, made us ecstatic. …

Away from home,
In a distant land.
Playing different instruments,
But marching in the same band.

Came to live our lives,
What has life become?
Stuck in an endless cycle,
Where even Sisyphus would not feel at home.

What have we done?
Where have we come?
What has life become,
Are all the good days gone!!!

Meant to fly while you crawl,
You mortals cannot see.
Settle the dust of confusion,
To break the great illusion.

You continue to fight,
Ignoring the light.
Letting the animal inside dine,
Blind to the great divine.

You are just young and wild,
But, never free.
Meant to run on the land,
Not climb the fruitless tree.

Break out of the cocoon,
Reach out to the moon.
Let the truth in you shine,
You yourself are divine!!

The air whistling in your ear,
Holding you in sway.
Oh, I would love to be there,
What do you say?

Lying arm in arm,
with your endless charm.
In passion we shall dine,
And it will be divine.

Under the starry sky,
looking to the heavens.
Getting freaking high,
Oh, look its just eleven.

So, my darling,
This is our time,
Will you be my Valentine?

Go to the mountains,
Go to the hills.
Roam in the jungles,
No need for pills.

Step after step,
That’s all we need to take.
Into the unknown,
Climbing up and going down.

Inside the jungle,
See the beasts.
The royal elephant,
In the morning mist.

Go to the hills,
Perfect for a view.
The air refreshing,
The feeling anew.

Trek in the mountains,
Walking on and on,
Nearer to the stars,
My worries gone.

Explore New places,
Seek new faces.
Don’t be so bland,
Traverse the land.

Into the dark void,
Staring at nothingness.
Looking at the madmen,
Humanity a stinking mess.

War all around the world,
Diseases preying on the poor.
Everyone too busy to give a damn!!
Until disaster comes knocking on their own doors.

What do we do?
Start praying instead of doing.
Start “sharing” instead of caring.
Start discussing instead of daring!!

Rivers are going dry,
The ice caps are melting.
The crops getting fried,
What the hell are we thinking!!

Look at me,
if you dare.
There you will see,
I’ve always cared.

I often sit and think,
What could’ve been.
All the happiness
We would’ve seen.

Love you,
I always will.
The void in me,
Only you can fill.

We were never meant to be,
That, I was not able to see.
Why do I feel like you’re the one,
Baby, Are we really done?

Lets go away,
Away from this fray.
Me and you,
You and me.
From this land of today.

Let’s create our world,
Somewhere else.
Only one sound,
The ringing of our bells.

Look at the horizon,
So far away.
Will reach there together,
Come what may.

Started on this journey,
A long time ago.
Will cross the finish line,
That I know.

Faced our High Tides,
Faced our Storms.
Tackled our fears,
The way clear now.

Standing strong,
Hand in hand.
Our steadfast resolve,
Nothing can bend.

Bimba Khatiwada

To rhyme and pass some time.

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